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Nearly every diver is crazy about sharks. Luckily, here inMoalboal you have a good chance for shark encounters.White tip and whale sharksencounters are prettycommon. Our whale shark watch board lets you know every time a shark is seen in one of our divespots inMoalboal, Cebu. More on…

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Real close to the fish life. Well, now you can with ourDiscover Re-breather Dive. We have a Buddy Inspiration Re-breather and our Instructor will have you swimming alongwith it underwater in as little as 10 Minutes. This is silent diving without all the noiseof the bubbles. We doi DSATand IANTD technical dive courses as well as conduct tek dives at our deep dive spots. More on…

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Join us on a wonderful day trip to the Kawasan waterfalls near Badian Island. After a refreshing divewe proceed to the Kawasan Nature Park and unwind in thevalley’s tropical ravine forest, splashing in ice cold water until the barbecue is ready. More on…

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Kawasan Falls