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Philippine Fun Divers, Inc.​at Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines​ new PADI e-learning page is done and online. Halfway into the page you can find a series of links, explaining the online courses on this page. The page is pretty much self-explanatory but we are happy to answer any of your questions. Please send your questions to Others than this, happy e-learning and see you in paradise :)

UW Photos by Sander

Under Water Photo Gallery. These dive spots or dive sites, such as Balicasag Island, Arco Point, Puntod Island, Doljo Point and many more, are all around us. Philippine Fun Divers dive professionals will be happy to to guide and show you these amazing creatures!

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Guest Divers Photos

Guest Divers Photo Gallery

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Dive Operation Photos

PHILIPPINE FUN DIVERS Alona Beach Panglao Bohol

Dive Center Inside Views
Dive Center Outside Views
Rinsing and Pre-Drying Area
Equipment Room with alarm system
Compressor Room
Maintenance Room

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Rinsing and Pre-Drying Area      Back To Top

Equipment Room with alarm system      Back To Top

Compressor Room Back To Top

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Dive Travel

On Sharks, Technical Diving, Day Trips and Outdoor Adventure

Nearly every diver is crazy about sharks. Luckily, here inMoalboal you have a good chance for shark encounters.White tip and whale sharksencounters are prettycommon. Our whale shark watch board lets you know every time a shark is seen in one of our divespots inMoalboal, Cebu. More on…

  • sharks & whale sharks
  • whale shark watch board
  • shark protection

Real close to the fish life. Well, now you can with ourDiscover Re-breather Dive. We have a Buddy Inspiration Re-breather and our Instructor will have you swimming alongwith it underwater in as little as 10 Minutes. This is silent diving without all the noiseof the bubbles. We doi DSATand IANTD technical dive courses as well as conduct tek dives at our deep dive spots. More on…

  • technical diving
  • discover rebreather
  • DSAT tech dive courses
  • IANTD tech dive courses


Join us on a wonderful day trip to the Kawasan waterfalls near Badian Island. After a refreshing divewe proceed to the Kawasan Nature Park and unwind in thevalley’s tropical ravine forest, splashing in ice cold water until the barbecue is ready. More on…

  • daytrip to the Kawasan Nature Park
  • daytrip to White Beach & Orchid Gallery in Moalboal
  • canyoning, vulcano climbing, jungle trekking and other action

Outdoor Adventure, Dive Travel and Underwater Photography

Kawasan Falls

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Visayas Scuba Diving Safari’s Philippines

Visayas Dive Safaris

Philippine Fun Divers will conduct its own dive safari’s starting 2016. Our new boat KAIDO will bring you around the Visayas region. Itineraries, costs, inclusions and exclusions will be posted here as soon as all 2 to 5 days safari trips are set.
For more inquiries please contact us under

Dive Safari Routes

To be updated


What is included in the safari?

  • Diving incl. dive master service, tank, weight and weight belt.
  • Accommodation on board or at a beach resort.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Additionally, other refreshments, snacks and fruits are served.
  • Drinks such as mineral water and soft drinks are free of charge on the ship.

What is excluded in the safari?

  • Alcoholic beverages on board.
  • Drinks and additional food in restaurants, bars and in the resorts where we might stay.
  • Marine sanctuary fees.
  • Rental dive equipment.

Additional Info
What important dive equipment do I must have in my possession when on safari?

Every diver must have in his possession his personal dive computer and surface marker buoy. If you don’t have one you might rent or purchase one in our dive center.

Do I have to do a check-dive before or on safari?

A check-dive before the dive safari commences is mandatory and is not included in the price. Before the safari starts you have to conduct at least one dive at Philippine Fun Divers house reef.

More Questions?
For more questions and bookings, please contact Holger Horn at

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